The Importance of Registering Your Domain in Your Own Name

The Importance of Registering Your Domain in Your Own Name

Choosing the right domain name is a critical decision for anyone looking to establish an online presence. However, what's equally important is who owns and controls that domain name. Many individuals and businesses make the mistake of allowing their web designers or developers to register domain names on their behalf whilst using the web designers details and email address as the domain registrant details. 

While it may seem convenient at first, this practice can lead to various issues and complications down the road. In this article, we'll explore why it's best to register your domain name in your own name (or ensure that your web designer uses your details and email address if they are registering the domain for you).

To be clear - it's ok for a web designer or someone else to register your domain name for you as long as they are using YOUR name, address and email as the domain registrant (you will have to click a link in an email to confirm you are the domain owner). This article is about the dangers of them using THEIR name, address and email for the registrant details. 

Ownership and Control

One of the most compelling reasons to register your domain name in your own name is ownership and control. When you register a domain in your own name, you have full legal control over it. You're the rightful owner, which means you can make decisions about its use, transfer it, or change hosting providers without the need for your web designer's involvement. This control provides you with the flexibility and independence to manage your online presence on your terms.

Security and Protection

Securing your domain name is crucial to protect your brand and online identity. When your domain is registered in your name, you have more significant control over its security. If a domain is registered by your web designer and they part ways with you or go out of business, you may face complications in gaining access to and managing your domain. It's essential to have direct access to your domain registrar account to ensure that it is safe and well-protected.

Avoiding Potential Disputes

When a domain is registered by a third party, such as a web designer, disputes can arise if there are disagreements or conflicts between you and the registrant. If your domain is in your name, it's less likely to lead to legal complications or disputes. Owning the domain outright ensures that you can make decisions about its use and avoid conflicts that might arise if someone else has control.

Portability and Flexibility

Having your domain name registered in your name provides portability and flexibility. You're free to choose your hosting provider and make changes as needed without being tethered to a specific web designer. This flexibility allows you to adapt to your evolving business needs and technology trends without unnecessary complications or delays.

Transparency and Accountability

When you're the registered owner of your domain name, there's transparency and accountability in how it's managed. You can directly contact the domain registrar for support or changes, which ensures a clear line of communication. This direct relationship simplifies administrative tasks, such as renewing the domain or updating contact information, reducing the risk of miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Long-Term Stability

Your online presence is a long-term investment. As your business or personal brand grows, maintaining stability and consistency in your domain ownership is vital. By registering your domain in your own name, you eliminate the risk of losing control or having to go through convoluted processes if your web designer's circumstances change.


Your domain name is a valuable asset that should be under your direct control. Registering your domain in your own name offers numerous advantages, including ownership, control, security, and flexibility. While it may seem convenient to let a web designer handle everything, it's ultimately in your best interest to maintain control over this essential part of your online identity. By doing so, you'll protect your brand, avoid potential disputes, and ensure long-term stability in your online presence. Don't compromise your control over your domain name – keep it in your own name.

At ProBlue Solutions we provide a domain registration service. We are an official reseller of Enom who are one of the largest domain registrars in the world. We always ensure that our client's domain names are registered with their company or personal details and email address. We never register domains in our name.

Many clients we work with already have a domain or opt to register the domain themselves elsewhere.

Our client control panel provides our clients access to their domain settings, where they can transfer the domain to another provider without our involvement, or point the domain to a different server. Because we are a reseller of Enom, you also have the peace of mind that you will always retain control of your domain by being able to contact Enom directly in the event that we cannot be contacted for whatever reason, for more info click here

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