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Website as a service (WaaS)

We provide WaaS packages for small and medium sized businesses

We provide WaaS (Website as a Service) packages for small and medium sized businesses. A monthly fee is charged which includes the initial development of the website, as well as hosting, support, maintenance and regular updates to your website. There is no up-front cost.

  • A single monthly fee that doesn't require upfront capital.
  • There is no obsolescence risk; your website, its design, and the underlying technology supporting it will be updated periodically.
  • You may cancel after 12 months with the option to purchase the website outright and manage and host it yourself.

What are the benefits of Website as a service (WaaS)?

With a website the old-fashioned way, where you pay for the site as a product, what typically happens is the website goes live, and it is great and modern and everything is good. The internet is fickle however, and there are 3 major issues.

  1. Design preference change. Designs that were in yesterday, are out tomorrow. This is happening on a monthly basis. A brand-new site can look dated in 6 months. If you paid 5k for your website, and 6 months later your website looks outdated, then your business looks outdated.
  2. Things break. Browsers are constantly being updated, new protocols and integrations are being created and implemented. YouTube changes its method of embedding videos and all of a sudden, your new site has a big ugly grey box where your video preview used to be. A new update to your server software makes images disappear, or show an error. These things can make the best websites look unprofessional, and thus, the business unprofessional.
  3. New technology. New devices come out regularly. Tablets, cell phones, monitors, etc. What looks good on the newest screens today, could look like junk in a month. New font icons come out and support is dropped for the last version and now all the icons are just ugly little rectangles.

These are just a few examples of how fast the internet moves and why it makes sense to subscribe to a continuously updated service instead of paying a one-off fee for a website which is then out of date a couple of years later.

The detailed specification of your website will of course have a bearing on your monthly price to some degree, but our WaaS service is not limited to basic websites. You could potentially benefit from having a complex website developed without a huge upfront cost and, importantly, without all of that cost being passed into your monthly fee. We can absorb almost all of the cost of initial development with WaaS due to a predictable future revenue. Almost all of your monthly WaaS fee is invested in an ongoing service of support, maintenance & enhancement that is providing value to your business into the future.

On average it would take around 3 to 4 years of monthly WaaS payments to reach the price we would quote for the outright purchase of a website. By that time, you would expect to be upgrading, re-designing or significantly modifying your website anyway, but with a WaaS subscription there will be no extra costs when that time comes as you will have received continuous updates and enhancements and you won't have to fork out a large sum to revamp your website. Also bear in mind that the maintenance and support service you receive would have been a separate additional ongoing cost ontop of your upfront cost if you buy the website the traditional way. With WaaS it's all included in one monthly fee.

When it comes to the ongoing maintenance and support of a website, we understand that different clients have different needs. Some may require us to provide a full content management service where we add and update their website content for them as and when required. Others may be happy updating their content themselves via the easy-to-use CMS and only require a basic level of maintenance from us, like applying security patches and just ensuring nothing gets too out of date or breaks.

Our WaaS pricing reflects this and is completely customised to your individual requirements. We don’t have set in stone packages where you might feel like you are paying for some aspect of the service that you don't need. Likewise, there is no limit to the flexibility and level of bespoke requirements that we can fulfil. You will not be in a situation where we cannot complete your task because you need to upgrade to a more costly plan - your service is customised to your individual needs and a small business with minimal requirements will pay a comparatively modest and affordable fee compared to a larger business with a higher level of requirements.

Want to know more about how we develop websites? click here, or if you have any other questions, like what technologies we use, or you just want a quote - get in touch

  • No obsolescence risk

    Your website is continually updated

  • No upfront cost

    A single monthly fee that covers everything

  • No 'lock in'

    Option to purchase website outright

Website as a service (WaaS)