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Full service digital business solutions

Web Development

Web development, as distinct from web design, means everything going on behind the scenes. The nuts & bolts of your website functionality, everything that makes your website useful. We specialise in bespoke functionality built with Drupal.

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Web Design

Your business identiy and branding is important, but we firmly believe that style follows substance. Clean and professional looking websites that convey information quickly is what users want, and that is our primary objective.

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Web Hosting

A fully managed hosting service takes away all the hassle of dealing with a 3rd party web hosting company, which can become time consuming and frustrating. But you are still in full control with a direct login and full access to all of your data.

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We develop highly tailored Ecommerce websites allowing you to sell your products or services on the internet without having to work around limitations found in many off-the-shelf systems like Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce etc.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Having a great website is half the battle, but people need to find it. That’s where Search Engine Optimisation/Search Engine Marketing comes in. We can help improve your position in search engines like Google.

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Website Maintenance & Support

We can provide post-launch support and pro-actively look after your website on an ongoing basis. Security, performance, analytics, functionality/design changes and website content management can all be provided as part of an ongoing plan.

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Website pricing models WaaS or Traditional

Website as a service (WaaS) Model

No up front one-time cost. An annual (or monthly) fee is charged which includes hosting, support, maintenance and regular updates to your website. This is a more modern sales model for software and online services.

  • A single annual or monthly fee that doesn't require upfront capital.
  • There is no obsolescence risk; your website, it's design, and the underlying technology supporting it will be updated periodically.
  • You may cancel after 12 months with the option to purchase the website outright and manage and host it yourself.
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Traditional Model

A single one-time fee is charged for your website. Any ongoing services like web hosting or support & maintenance are charged separately.

  • There is no ongoing cost for the web design/development service itself.
  • You have a choice if you have strong demands for specific suppliers e.g. hosting.
  • You can customise or modify the underlying website code yourself.
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