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Drupal Maintenance & Support

Affordable plans for small and medium sized organisations


£199/ Monthly


£399/ Monthly


£499/ Monthly
No minimum term on any plan, cancel at any time. Payment by credit or debit card only.
You can remain with your existing web hosting provider or optionally move to our web hosting platform (Free with Professional and Enterprise plans).
If your Drupal website has any outstanding security updates or fixes pending when you sign up, a one-off setup fee may apply. Please contact us if you would like a quote before ordering.
Looking for extended long term support for Drupal 7 after November 2022? click here

Drupal Steward firewall protection

Drupal Steward is a web application firewall that bridges the gap between the time when a security release is announced and when your site is fully updated with the new security patch. The Drupal Security Team behind Drupal Steward has deep expertise in how Drupal works and how to resolve open source and Drupal-specific security issues. We configure the firewall by routing your domain's web DNS record through the Drupal Steward systems.

Proactive Drupal security updates

We monitor Drupal security advisories for both Drupal core and contributed modules to check if any security updates have been published for your Drupal website. When a relevant security update is puiblished, we install and test it on your website and notify you by email.

Monthly security scan & report

We perform a monthly security scan of your website which looks specifically for security vulnerabilities which affect the identified Drupal version (core and modules). The scan also looks for any Drupal misconfigurations and we provide a report containing a breakdown of each finding with detailed descriptions in terms of risk and suggestions to take.

Helpdesk support

Our online helpdesk provides email support for any question about running your Drupal website. We provide advice and guidance on any Drupal related issue, so you have peace of mind that there is always someone to turn to when you have a question.

Uptime monitoring

Your website will be pinged every 5 minutes to check that it is still up. If your website goes down, we will be notified. Normally if this happens the issue is usually a problem with your web host. If you are hosted with us, we will immediately look into the issue and resolve, if you are using your own web hosting, we will inform you that there is an issue which your web host needs to resolve.

Fixes & repairs

We carry out any small fixes and repairs that may be required on your Drupal website. Sometimes errors occur and things break when an underlying hosting infrastructure is updated or new browsers or devices are released etc. We are on hand to keep everything running smoothly.

Offsite backups

We can provide optional offsite backups of your website, even when you are using your own hosting platform. If you are using your own hosting, we perform backups to our servers. If you are hosted with us, your website will be backed up daily in any case, but the offsite backup is a secondary backup stored outside of the data centre as an additional safety measure.

Free Web hosting

Our Professional and Enterprise plans include optional free web hosting with a free SSL security certificate. Our servers are managed by qualified datacentre technicians and the server core software is protected by rigorous security measures; all server hardware is monitored 24/7 for any failures. Our web hosting service, based in the EU, is fast and reliable.

Website changes

Our Professional and Enterprise plans provide minor changes to your website design or functionality included with your plan at no extra cost. This allows you to make continuous improvements and changes to your website for a fixed monthly cost.

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