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Small & Agile Professional Website Development

Problue Solutions

CIDO Innovation Centre, Craigavon, N. Ireland
  • We are patient, flexible, conscientious, and we always feel invested in your project.

  • We aren't about buzz words, over-hyped marketing blurb or style with no substance.

  • We respond to emails, finish projects successfully, and we don't let our clients down.

These are probably the most important reasons why you should choose us over a competitor.

We are proudly small and agile and don’t rely on a constant conveyor belt of new clients to pay salaries and overheads. We don't rush through any job just to get paid and move onto the next one. We aren't lumbered with the problems of large web design agencies - like city centre offices, corporate politics and the inevitable inefficiency and waste that adds unnecessary cost to your website. We never take on more clients than we can handle, but we do have the resources to deliver larger projects which are sometimes supported by our sub-contracted developers.

We've been doing this for well over a decade and have extensive experience in HTML/CSS front-end design and back-end site architecture and bespoke functionality.

There's no corporate wall to climb across to reach the person at the top. No matter who is working on your project I am personally available to you at all times, which means you will benefit from a level of focus, attention to detail, and accountability that is simply not possible from a larger web design agency.

We benefit when your website is a success. If your website performs well for you, then we might get repeat business further developing and supporting it, or you might recommend us to a friend or colleague. So, it's in our interest to make your website a success and we put every effort into making that happen. Read more about our web design & development services, or If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch

About Us